Friday, June 19, 2009


One of the other things we did while in SF was to go to the Aquarium that is on Pier 39. Grammie Syl, Grandpa Bob, Uncle Dave & Flora joined us for the adventure. This was a smaller aquarium than we had visited before but it was still exciting. It was broken up to 3 parts. First the introduction, then under the water and then a hands on exhibit which was quite fun for Mickey and dare I say for the adults too? I think that one of the fun things for me was to see Grandpa Bob, Uncle Dave and Flora try to bid for Mickey's attention. It is always fun to enjoy thing like this through a child's eyes!

I think that a favorite part of all was the hands on part. They had baby sting rays and baby sharks, star fish and sea cucumbers available to touch. Mickey was not real sure about the whole thing when we started. But on our 2nd time around she was ready to put her hands on these creatures!

Seeing the sting ray's for the first time

Uncle Dave & Mickey with the sea stars

Ready to touch the sting ray
Listening to speaker talk about star fish & Touching them
Hands in the water ready to touch!
Not wanting to touch the sea cucumber.
What a face this kid can make!

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  1. looks like you guys had a great time in san francisco. i am enjoying your pictures.