Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am a simple girl and I like and enjoy the simple things in life. I can remember back to when I was 3 and all I can remember wanting was the birthday cake that my mom made for me. Since my birthday is in the heat of the summer my family wanted watermelon. I am sure I got a slice of that cake but I can tell you I didn't want watermelon! Here are a few pictures of that day.

When I was 5 my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday. My response, "I want an ice cream cone". That was my whole dream. And I did get that ice cream cone. I think that I really enjoyed that ice cream.

When I turned 30 my hubby surprised me by getting me some surprises. He gave me tickets to go see a concert, the Dixie Chicks. It was a really great concert! He also got me tickets to see the Drum Corp in San Antonio and that was a life long dream come true. The best part of the whole thing was being with him and spending the time with him.

This year Jeff had to be gone on business but he still managed to make this day s
pecial. He left cards for me to open. I was able to spend the day with Mickey. It was also fun to see her excitement when the cake that Daddy ordered arrived at the door. In the simplicity of her world daddy sent the cake to her. Which made me so happy! Also a dear friend, Becs, sent me the most beautiful flower arrangement. A cake and flowers to simple things that made my day! I also loved getting well wishes from my friends through facebook.

I had a great birthday!

Balloon that came with the flowers
Mickey Loved it!

My cake

Up close picture of the flowers

And one of Mickey just because I like it.