Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dave Graduates

We planned our trip to San Francisco because my little brother graduation ceremony was happening. It isn't every day that you can celebrate your little brother graduating with his PhD. So off we went to CA.
In order for us to get to California we had to fly and this would be Mickey's first flight. She had a blast. I did my best to be excited and encourage her love for flying. This all in spite of the fact that I really have a fear of flying.

On the day of graduation due to the restriction of the number of tickets graduates got to hand out we had planned a fun day at the junior zoo. I will share more of that in another post. Momma went to the graduation to see my brother receive his diploma.

Dave had two of his best friends come in to see him.

Dave waiting to be given his hood and his diploma

Will they be able to put that hood on tall Dave?

The proud graduate

Proud Mom

Proud Father

Proud Friends

And a video of the day

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