Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love Trees

On our way home we had planned to go to Muir Woods. What we didn't know was how the drive up there was going to be a curvy road. We also didn't know that the parking was going to be awful! But it was well worth the effort and made for my favorite part of the trip.

We see that there is the Muir beach and that it is one of the only views of the ocean we may see while we are in the SF area, since most of the water is the bay. So we decided to pull off the exit after we think we had went past the turn off for Muir Woods and after deciding that there is No Way we are going up this mountain again in a tour bus.

This beach was different than any other that I have visited. It was COLD! I couldn't believe that we were there in June and I was wearing a sweatshirt. I also couldn't believe that there were people that were swimming in this ocean. I was cold just thinking about it. Mickey loved visiting the beach and I look forward to taking her back to the ocean someday. But since this was not on the list of things that we had planned for the day we were not prepared at all. Mickey wanted to make sand castles because she had seen Monkey George make sand castles. We compromised and made a small one. She was satisfied by the short time we played in the sand.

After the beach we headed off to Muir Woods to see the trees. I LOVE TREES. I am just drawn to them so this was a peaceful treat. I am not to sure that Mickey enjoyed this as much as her momma but still I was just in awe. This was just a very peaceful stop and you would not know that all those cars that we passed on our way up here held people that were in these woods. I have to thank Jeff for dropping momma and Mickey off and going back to find parking and then took a 10 minute hike to us after he parked. He is a good guy, don't you think?? We also saw some dear on our visit. Mickey being the animal lover that she is loved this part. She was also heard saying that she wanted to go and ride a dear. Which made another visitor that heard her laugh.

Mickey pretending to be Pooh Bear in the Hundred acre woods

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