Monday, June 1, 2009

Mickey Taking Care of Babies

Mickey imagination is growing daily. I love to see what new and fun things she comes up with. I have had some boxes that I have needed to throw out so I came and put them by the trash. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she was investigating them box. Soon I saw her go and gather her puppies, she has several stuffed animals that are puppies. I then saw her make a bed and this little girl took care of them all day. By the end of the day she had 3 boxes that carried some form of stuffed animal in them. I was a little concerned that they were all going to be in her bed with her. No they were just on the bottom of her bed. She is a good little mother to those puppies. She even got a bowl that she put some milk in and fed them. Through the day she kept changing their names. I can't even begin to imagine the spellings of these names (nor can I remember the pronunciation). All in all she had a great day. I nearly forgot to mention that at the end of the day she put the box in her baby stroller and pushed them around.

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