Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mickey's Time in the Car

Have I told you that my little girl LOVES to sing?? She picks a favorite song every now and then and wants to hear it over and over and over again. Somehow I think that this runs in the family both my mom and I do that and we learn the words that way. Well, today the song is "I just can't wait to be king" from the Lion King. She is trying her hardest to get all the words but she definitely gets all the sounds. Hope you enjoy. It is a little long because it is the entire song. I took this from my phone so the quality is not the highest but it is what I had when we got home from our errands.



  1. I think that she was a little distracted from a phone in her face. :)

  2. UGH, looks like her carseat straps are not where they are supposed to be. Need to fix that tomorrow. I think that she grew again.

  3. Oh you have got to love that!!! So adorable! She's gonna be on stage on day!!!