Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monkey George Goes On Vacation

We are going to California this week. Now I usually don't tell Mickey we are going anywhere until the day before or sometimes the morning of. I decided this time that I would share some of the details. I haven't told her we were going to see Uncle Dave that would just be too much for her to handle right now, because she is in love with her uncle.

She knows that we are going to be flying on a airplane. She has been telling EVERYONE she sees that she is going on an airplane and she adds "to see my cousin". Now I have yet to figure out who her cousin is. But she is excited. I was happy to see that this morning that Monkey George aka Curious George was going on vacation. This whole episode shows him being quite curious in the airport and investigating all the stuff in the airport. He of course finds himself in curious situations like only he can. But it was good for her to see what an airport looks like and what all those curious things are about. I think she is going to love it.

Our other adventures today was being a ballerina. Oh this girl loves to dance AND sing. Today in the car she sang right along with the song "I can't wait to be king" Lion King. She was having a grand ol' time. Today she decided to put on her dancer outfit and be a ballerina with her ballerina shoes. So I pulled out my camera and took a couple. Doesn't she look happy?



I think you need to get on your dancer outfit and dancing shoes and get to dancing. :)


  1. An airplane is so exciting at this age. Be sure to take enough snacks to feed a small army. That's what I learned when we flew to FL when ours were 10, 2, and 4 months.

  2. Thanks for the pointers Dayna! I have them I just need to put them altogether.