Sunday, June 14, 2009

Party Time

The Graduates
Dave & Flora

After graduation Flora's mom and Dad, Bella & Yuri hosted a celebration for Dave and Flora who both graduated that morning. I am forever grateful to her for doing this it was a great time to visit and get to know some of the people that I have heard about but never met. Bella made some great food. I even tasted some Russian treats for the first time.

Mickey, of course, thought that she was the life of the party. One of the speakers at the graduation told a story about her grandmother that always liked "fine" things but never used them. When she has died she found many of the gifts that the grandmother was given still in the packages. She vowed then to use those things that we often put away for a special occasion. So it was a good reminder when Mickey saw a special play dress up dress that her daddy got for her. She insisted on wearing it for the party. So even though it wasn't what I would have chosen I let her wear it and enjoy being a princess. And everyone loved commenting on how beautiful she looked. Mickey, of course ate it all up!

Mickey also took the opportunity to interact with the guests. First she hung around with her Uncle Dave. She loves him and he loves her. After a while she ventured off to meet Flora's friends who graciously took her in and made her feel like one of the girls! Mickey also decided to be hostess welcoming everyone who came in to the party. Yes, she is the welcoming committee wherever she goes. :)

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