Thursday, June 18, 2009

Small Town Girl

I was raised in small towns. Some towns were not even big enough to be called towns or even had a grocery store. When I was older we moved out to an area where each family had a 5 acre lots so our neighbors were not close by. Wide Open Spaces, that is what I am comfortable with.

So when we went to San Francisco I had a little bit of culture shock. This small town girl, that is used to wide open spaces saw the neighborhoods, let's just say I was fascinated. Now I knew that houses were like this because I had seen shows, movies or photographs, but I had never truly experienced it. I took a few photos while were in the car because I was in awe. It was good to see but was also good that I could go back home and have my space. See I am an introvert, hermit, homebody or whatever you want to call me and I am comfortable with my space. :)

The homes are beautiful here. They have such vibrant colors. The graduation party was in one of these homes and it was beautiful inside too. I kept saying look how close together they are! Look how tiny their garage openings are! Look they share a wall! I guess I am showing how uncultured I am but it was fascinating to me.

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