Monday, June 15, 2009

Visiting the Past

One of the perks of going to the San Francisco area was to be able to travel back in time a bit and see part of Jeff's past. He lived in the area when he was a child and I have heard many stories from this time in his life so it was nice to "see" what he was talking about. It was fun to see how his eyes sparkled as he went down memory lane.

He took me up the hill that he used to play on and let me tell you that it was one big hill! But what a view it was and I cannot believe how much he played on it. It really has shown me how much energy he had as a kid and how that has passed on to Mickey. It was a great day. We also found the tree that Jeff made a tree fort as a kid. I let him climb the "hill" even more as he looked for it. Meanwhile a neighbor dog was not to happy that I was rooming the outside woods. I think that I am still amazed that he remembered the address and that he was able to show me his past!

We also drove around a place where there was a pool that Jeff learned to swim. There was a pier where Jeff used to spend time at and it was fun to see Mickey see a huge body of water. I also got a few good shots of Mickey in a field of flowers.

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