Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice Cream

On Sunday we headed out to an ice cream social. When we headed out to this event we had assumed that we were going to taste some homemade ice cream and enjoy some kid fun. We also assumed that we would be inside since it is currently over 100 degrees in our neck of the woods. We assumed wrong....

We get to the social event and learn that we can try out hand at making ice cream in a tin can. Great! This sounds like fun. Mickey was very curious and attentive at watching the ingredients go into the tin can. We go outside and roll our tin can for 25 minutes. What we got was more of a ice cream slush. I think that the 105 degree day was not helping in our quest for ice cream. We did find out that they were serving ice cream inside but everytime we went indoors it was gone. We did manage to get a ice cream sandwich. But not really want we had in mind. I am glad that we had the experience at making our ice the old fashioned way, but think that when we see this event listed next summer we will just go out for some ice cream instead. ;)

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