Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Flower Princess

I am not that handy when it comes to sewing. It was one of those things that I took for granted that my mom did well and I never learned from her. A few years back I invested in a sewing machine in hopes that I would be able to make my child's clothes (a few for me) like my mom did. This was a few years before I was even pregnant with Mickey. I quickly realized that sewing is hard at least for someone who is mostly self taught. So I take my sewing machine out every once in awhile thinking that I can do something.

Back in April, Mickey and I went into Hobby Lobby. She saw a dress that was hanging to get mother's to make such a dress for their child. My child fell in love with the dress. I wasn't convinced and so left the store without the dress or the materials to make it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when we again went into Hobby Lobby and the same dress is still hanging up. My daughter is still in love with this dress. So I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and buy the materials to make this dress. Thinking that i have the skills to do this.

I have been putting off making the dress because deep down I know that it will be an adventure. Yesterday, Mickey woke up asking to make this dress. So I decided that I needed to go ahead and attempt it. I have never seen this girl so patient. She was right there as I cut out the pattern and the fabric. She "helped" me put the dress together. When she went to bed last night I was stuck. I just didn't know how to finish this dress. But I took a break and let my brain work it out. I went back and finished the dress.

My little girl woke up this morning asking about the dress. I told her that I had finished it. She was so excited. She gushed and was very dramatic in her love for her dress. She immediately put it on and declared herself a flower princess. I am thankful that I persevered and completed the dress. The glimmer in her eyes and impromptu hug was all the thanks that I needed and to know that it was all worth it.

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  1. The dress is beautiful!!! You did a fabulous job. I am impressed. You are so multi-talented.... photograhpy, gardening, sewing.... What's next on your list of things to accomplish?