Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Girly Girl

If I was in doubt about the girly-ness of my little girl all doubt has been erased. Last week when we went to my mom's for the weekend we made a visit to my hairdresser John. Who I have known and trusted since I was 16. I decided I needed some guidance with Mickey's hair and so I made an appointment. We told Mickey that we were going to see John so he can help make her hair "princess". That did it. She was on cloud nine and enjoyed every moment in the chair with John. Her hair was cut and styled and she LOVED IT!

This last weekend Jeff and I took her to the mall and got Mickey's ear pierced. Or as Mickey puts it "She got holes in her ears". I didn't know when I would venture out and get Mickey's ear pierced and always knew it was going to be her decision. A couple of months back we were in a store just browsing and she wanted some earrings. I made a statement that when she was four she could get holes in her ears. She remembered this and kept asking when she would be four. As time went on she would put her fake earrings on which would fall off all the time, she would put her "pretend earrings" on which okay for a time but they were not the real thing. Everyday we would have the conversation about what it meant to get holes in her ears and how it would feel and when she would be ready.

A couple of weeks ago we were in the mall so I took her to the place that does earrings. We saw what would happen and again we talked about it. So Sunday we talked about it some more and we asked her if she wanted to get earrings before she was four. She said she was scared and no she didn't. We went to the mall and went to the store because we were there. I sat her up on the seat and we discussed the process. She picked out some earrings that she liked (LOVED) and all of sudden she was ready!

And she was a trooper. Thankfully they had 2 ladies working that day and so they did both her ears at the same time. They pierced her ears and she said "Ow, that hurt, THAT HURT" and then she was done. No crying. I was surprised.

She has been saying since then, "I am so happy, I have earrings!!" She is my girly girl! Gotta love her!

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