Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is that??

I don't know if I shared that at the beginning of my gardening experience this summer I wasn't very successful. Things just were not going the way that I wanted or needed them to go. I would go and I would see some of those plants dying. And those seeds that I planted?? No where to be seen. It was a rough start.

So after I finally being successful in our venture as gardener. I noticed a plant coming up. At first I thought that they were radishes. Then after awhile I realized that no those can't be radishes. It became a guessing game, especially since I had long since forgotten what I had attempted to plant and where I made the attempt. Embarrassing as I hide my head in shame.

So then the game began as we made guesses on what this plant could possibly be. We started guessing anything that we knew that would grow on a vine. Our guess was cantaloupe. Then on Saturday we found out what we were growing. Cucumber. At that point I remember planting them.

Tonight I cut up our cucumber and put it on Mickey's plate. She said it was slimy and she turned her nose up at it. I left it on her plate and she ate it all up. Never changing her opinion openly about it.

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