Friday, August 21, 2009


So today I gave my little girl a bath. She always loves a bath but ALWAYS resists. After she hears the explanation that she is stinky she is willing and excited to get into the bath.

Today she enjoyed her bath BUT started fussing because her fluff was gone. Fluff what fluff?? After some time explaining it was the fluff in her hair that was now gone because I washed it. How dare I? After explaining that all her hair needed was to get the fluff in her hair back was to dry it she was happy. Silly girl.

Today we started tap dance/tumble class. She LOVED it. Bad mommy moment was when I showed up to the class without tap shoes for my little girl. I had a disappointed little girl on my hands. However, I did call the gym on Monday and asked for instructions on what she should wear. What I was told... shorts and t-shirt. Was there any other girl in there in shorts and t-shirt?? NOPE. They all had their leotard (Ballerina) outfit on. So today I bought tap shoes and a leotard outfit for this little girl. Oh my. I have such a girly girl on my hands. So right now because she missed wearing said shoes and outfit to class I have my little girl in her tap shoes and leotard, waiting paitiently for class again NEXT FRIDAY. But I am not reasoning with a 3 1/2 year old. One because you can't reason with a 3 1/2 year old and two because she is exhausted from her week so we are just leaving her in her clothes for now. ;) Oh and no pictures yet because of how tired she is.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Two

So drop off for day two was a little more traumatic than day one. She was excited up to the point of entering the room, which is only to be expected. Thankfully her friend Nicholas came up to greet her and encouraged her along the way. Two minutes passed and she was settled in and having a good time. I think that she is enjoying herself.

I think that I am hanging in there. It was nice to clean today without the "extra help". You know the kind of help that you need to go back and clean up several times before it actually stays put away. And the afternoon was much better than Tuesday. This girl was enjoying her independence so much that we actually went to bed early skipping much of the routine because she was just too tired. Today I had to remind her that this new attitude was not going to work and she quickly changed it. Momma was more rested today which helped matters greatly. So all in all I think that this was a good decision for us all. Although I have to say I miss my little girl and hope that she is enjoying the time to "visit with her friends" as she tells me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of Preschool

preschool 4

Mickey had her first day of preschool today and I must say that she loved it. Being the social butterfly that she is went right into class without a nod to where her momma was. I headed over there to give her a kiss and say goodbye and well she barely looked at me. She did say that she loved me.


She had two of her buddies in there with her. So that was good although with her need for interaction I don't know if it mattered much.

I left her there and headed off to eat breakfast with a friend, Sarah. That was fun and a good transition into the whole preschool thing for me. Sarah was and is a lifesaver! It was nice to be able to talk and have no kiddos interrupting or be distracted with what one of our kiddos was doing.
preschool 1
I came home and did a couple of things and then went to the store for a backpack for this little one. One that she loved when she saw it waiting for her in the car.

I went to pick her up from preschool and got there to hear Ms. Kathy read a story and to listen to the kiddos sing their new song. Mickey was thrilled and seemed to have a good time. Tomorrow I will share with you about the afternoon after preschool. ;)

preschool 3
(Mickey is standing in line with a bubble mouth to be quiet.
A new thing she learned in preschool)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Self Portrait

Mickey and I were practicing with my new toy the remote for the camera. We actually got a picture that we like. So I thought I share.

self portrait copy

New Background

I have been taking a class on line to help me learn more about photoshop. I am loving it!! So I thought I would change the background on my blog with my own creation and of course sort of update my header. Fun. :)

Would you do me a favor and let me know if the side columns are readable on your computer and if you are able to see the whole thing on your computer screen without having to move it. Thank you so much! It helps my learning process!

Preschool Open House

Today was the open house for preschool. I have been flip flopping on this whole idea all summer, rather for the last year. I think and believe that she would thrive on the environment being the extrovert that she is. While I the other hand I just didn't want to start the whole school thing so early. Jeff is also gone a lot on road trips for work and so that means just me all day long and quite frankly some days are better than other days. So on Monday I took the application down to the preschool and signed Mickey up for two days after having a talk with a teacher how it would be better for her if she had a regular routine. Am I ready for this? I know that Mickey will do fine but I ask again, "Am I ready for this??"

So today we went to the open house. Everyday she has been waking up asking if today she started preschool? Everyday I tell her not today. She was excited up until we are inside the class. Which by the way is her Sunday School class a place where she is familiar and comfortable. Well she wasn't so excited to be there. She stayed at the coat hangers and just hid. Did not want the teacher to talk to her. The pit in my stomach was getting deeper and deeper.

Then the lead teacher Ms. Kathy showed her the project we had for today. Making a turtle place mat. Ms. Kathy took out scissors and guess what?! Mickey eyed those scissors and immediately came to the table. From that point on she was ready to be in class (even though we were just there to check things out). Her friend Olivia was there and also her friend Nicholas was there. She was excited. She made herself at home and played with the toys in the class. Then she comes up to me and says I can leave that she play by herself and I can come back for her.

This is a good sign but still don't know if I am ready for her to be in preschool. Am I ready? NO. But ready or not Tuesday is coming!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mickey's Thought Process

So Grammie Syl is off helping Uncle Dave move from one city to another. She left her car here since our house is on the way to the airport. We parked her car across the street at our neighbor's house because no one is living there for the time being. We just found out that new renters will be moving this weekend. I hope that they are nice. But I digress.

I go across the street to move the car to our house. Mickey comes with me so I buckle her in the backseat as I move the car. She gets in and has this running dialogue.

"I like this new car! I like this seat it is perfect for me. Wow it is clean. Our new car is clean momma."

As she is getting out of the car she says "My new car looks just like Grammie Syl's".

Do I tell her that this new car IS Grammie Syl's? Which will lead to where is she?

I just let her have the running dialogue in hopes that she will not put two and two together?? And did you hear the "This car is clean???" UGH. The truck isn't that messy inside but it does have some random papers and random odds and ends from having a preschooler in the truck all the time. But my mom's car is spotless. I bet you can eat your dinner of the seats. Not that my mom would let you but you could. Thankfully my mom is coming back on Saturday and hopefully Mickey will go on adoring the "new car" for a day and then be so happy to see Grammie Syl that she forgets that this is not Mickey's new car afterall?? No, I agree, I won't be that lucky. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Such a girl

Mickey is such a girl. Yesterday she needed to change clothes... why?? because it was time, no other reason that she felt an outfit change was in order. She went into her room opened up her drawer and took out EVERY piece of clothing and brought them in a heap to the living room. She then put her own outfit together (minus pants). I can't wait until the teen years. ;)


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Faces of Mickey

Mickey has a love/hate relationship with the camera. Most of the time it is a love relationship. But other times well she takes it as an opportunity to be goofy. I let her and this time I got a funny face or two that she has been experimenting with lately.


Sweet (although fake smile)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This weekend we went to my mom's because Uncle Dave was in town. Mickey did not have to do much convincing to get her Uncle Dave to have a play session with her. I got this capture. What I find neat about this shot is that the TV is on in the background and it says "Life" on it. I think that both Mickey and Uncle Dave would both say that this is the life to spend time with loved ones playing!