Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Two

So drop off for day two was a little more traumatic than day one. She was excited up to the point of entering the room, which is only to be expected. Thankfully her friend Nicholas came up to greet her and encouraged her along the way. Two minutes passed and she was settled in and having a good time. I think that she is enjoying herself.

I think that I am hanging in there. It was nice to clean today without the "extra help". You know the kind of help that you need to go back and clean up several times before it actually stays put away. And the afternoon was much better than Tuesday. This girl was enjoying her independence so much that we actually went to bed early skipping much of the routine because she was just too tired. Today I had to remind her that this new attitude was not going to work and she quickly changed it. Momma was more rested today which helped matters greatly. So all in all I think that this was a good decision for us all. Although I have to say I miss my little girl and hope that she is enjoying the time to "visit with her friends" as she tells me.

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  1. So glad that it is working out for you both. Hard to believe she is in Preschool already. Where does the time go?