Friday, August 21, 2009


So today I gave my little girl a bath. She always loves a bath but ALWAYS resists. After she hears the explanation that she is stinky she is willing and excited to get into the bath.

Today she enjoyed her bath BUT started fussing because her fluff was gone. Fluff what fluff?? After some time explaining it was the fluff in her hair that was now gone because I washed it. How dare I? After explaining that all her hair needed was to get the fluff in her hair back was to dry it she was happy. Silly girl.

Today we started tap dance/tumble class. She LOVED it. Bad mommy moment was when I showed up to the class without tap shoes for my little girl. I had a disappointed little girl on my hands. However, I did call the gym on Monday and asked for instructions on what she should wear. What I was told... shorts and t-shirt. Was there any other girl in there in shorts and t-shirt?? NOPE. They all had their leotard (Ballerina) outfit on. So today I bought tap shoes and a leotard outfit for this little girl. Oh my. I have such a girly girl on my hands. So right now because she missed wearing said shoes and outfit to class I have my little girl in her tap shoes and leotard, waiting paitiently for class again NEXT FRIDAY. But I am not reasoning with a 3 1/2 year old. One because you can't reason with a 3 1/2 year old and two because she is exhausted from her week so we are just leaving her in her clothes for now. ;) Oh and no pictures yet because of how tired she is.

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  1. Too funny! Sometimes we just have to pick our battles. Preschool is so fun for them. I sent my two to the Montessori School for two weeks this summer and they LOVED it!