Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mickey's Thought Process

So Grammie Syl is off helping Uncle Dave move from one city to another. She left her car here since our house is on the way to the airport. We parked her car across the street at our neighbor's house because no one is living there for the time being. We just found out that new renters will be moving this weekend. I hope that they are nice. But I digress.

I go across the street to move the car to our house. Mickey comes with me so I buckle her in the backseat as I move the car. She gets in and has this running dialogue.

"I like this new car! I like this seat it is perfect for me. Wow it is clean. Our new car is clean momma."

As she is getting out of the car she says "My new car looks just like Grammie Syl's".

Do I tell her that this new car IS Grammie Syl's? Which will lead to where is she?

I just let her have the running dialogue in hopes that she will not put two and two together?? And did you hear the "This car is clean???" UGH. The truck isn't that messy inside but it does have some random papers and random odds and ends from having a preschooler in the truck all the time. But my mom's car is spotless. I bet you can eat your dinner of the seats. Not that my mom would let you but you could. Thankfully my mom is coming back on Saturday and hopefully Mickey will go on adoring the "new car" for a day and then be so happy to see Grammie Syl that she forgets that this is not Mickey's new car afterall?? No, I agree, I won't be that lucky. :)

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