Friday, August 14, 2009

Preschool Open House

Today was the open house for preschool. I have been flip flopping on this whole idea all summer, rather for the last year. I think and believe that she would thrive on the environment being the extrovert that she is. While I the other hand I just didn't want to start the whole school thing so early. Jeff is also gone a lot on road trips for work and so that means just me all day long and quite frankly some days are better than other days. So on Monday I took the application down to the preschool and signed Mickey up for two days after having a talk with a teacher how it would be better for her if she had a regular routine. Am I ready for this? I know that Mickey will do fine but I ask again, "Am I ready for this??"

So today we went to the open house. Everyday she has been waking up asking if today she started preschool? Everyday I tell her not today. She was excited up until we are inside the class. Which by the way is her Sunday School class a place where she is familiar and comfortable. Well she wasn't so excited to be there. She stayed at the coat hangers and just hid. Did not want the teacher to talk to her. The pit in my stomach was getting deeper and deeper.

Then the lead teacher Ms. Kathy showed her the project we had for today. Making a turtle place mat. Ms. Kathy took out scissors and guess what?! Mickey eyed those scissors and immediately came to the table. From that point on she was ready to be in class (even though we were just there to check things out). Her friend Olivia was there and also her friend Nicholas was there. She was excited. She made herself at home and played with the toys in the class. Then she comes up to me and says I can leave that she play by herself and I can come back for her.

This is a good sign but still don't know if I am ready for her to be in preschool. Am I ready? NO. But ready or not Tuesday is coming!!!

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  1. Angela, she is going to do great. She is going to have so much fun and learn so much. I know how hard it is to let go as a mom, but you will be ok too. I'm sure you will cry or at least feel sad when you drop her off on Tuesday, but you made the right decision!