Thursday, September 3, 2009

What would you have done??

I just read this article "Man Slaps Stranger's Kid in Wal-mart". Read the article and if you are a parent (especially a parent of a small child) you will be outraged. I know that I have been in Wal-Mart when Mickey was having a melt-down. I assure you that I am not ignoring my child and I am trying to get things done as quickly as possible so I can get home and out of the store. I can't imagine some random guy coming over and slapping my child because my child is having a melt-down. What would you have done?

I am a MOMMA BEAR. I know this and I know that that momma bear comes out the instant that I know that my child has been harmed, in danger, treated poorly in any way. I hope that I would have remained in control but think that they would have had to take that guy to the hospital before they took him to jail. I was also appalled that some of the comments to this article were defending this man because parents are not handling their children.

I have been the mom that has been in the middle of shopping and left because it just wasn't working. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband that will grocery shop for me if I can't do it. I have also been the mom when I am in line after a long trip and my child is having a melt down and I know that I need to just get through the line so we can all go home.

I can't think of a time when this was happening that I wasn't overwhelmed and stressed out because I know that my child is getting on other people's nerves. Trust me I don't want my child screaming through Wal-Mart. I just don't always get my wish. I do things to prevent it but you can't prevent every bad moment in your child's life.

I just can't believe that man!

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