Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

I am not known for my cooking abilities. When I was growing up I didn't have much of an interest in cooking. Mainly because I didn't have to because my mom was a great cook. My brother got the cooking gene and somehow it managed to pass me by. I was known for burning water. The reality was in high school when I was burning water it was usually because I had other interests, finishing the chapter to whatever book I was reading at the time was usually more important. Also there was my mom who taught me things in the kitchen. I was supposed to be in the kitchen to help mostly with grating cheese or other task that my mom was not thrilled to do. She had a certain way of doing things and if it wasn't completed until she said it was. So I didn't take risks in the kitchen.

Fast forward to when I got married. I had by that time learned not to burn the water and could accomplish some meals on my own and if I do say so myself they tasted pretty good. ;) But I still had failures in the kitchen. The one that will always hold a vivid picture in my mind is what I fondly call my "chicken pot cake". I followed the recipe on the back of Bisquick box but somehow I missed it up and instead of having a good chicken pot pie I ended up with a cake type thing. NOT GOOD. But my husband (of only a few months) ate it because he was hungry. Never made me feel bad about the disaster and today we have a chuckle about it.

One of the things that Jeff and I enjoy doing together is cooking. I find new recipes and we try them out. They can't be too complicated but we are willing to try something new. We make a good team in the kitchen and I enjoy having them there. So we cook as a family because you know that Mickey is not to be left out of time in the kitchen. She loves to help out and she even has jobs that she can do all on her own and she LOVES it.

Today, I took a risk. It was a rainy day and it was a day that was calling for something hearty. I thought of the things that I know how to make but I wanted chicken pot pie. I have seen my mom make it once. I had a recipe somewhere or other for a skillet pot pie that you don't bake, but I couldn't find it. Oh, did I tell you I cook nothing unless I have a recipe (except for those few things that I learned from my mom). So we went to the store and got the stuff that was needed to make chicken pot pie and came home. I ventured into the kitchen and got to work. I put it in the oven and waited for it to cook. It was then that I told Jeff that I was winging it.

We took it out of the oven and it looked and smelled so good. But I was relieved until I took a bite and realized that I cooked something from scratch that I didn't have a recipe for and that I winged it. I have truly learned something in the kitchen and it made my day. The best part is that I have leftovers for tomorrow and it looks like it will be another rainy day, PERFECT!

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