Thursday, October 22, 2009

Corn Maze 2009

Every year we make our to the Corn Maze, even though we don't actually go through the maze. We have lots of fun. It is so much fun to see how Mickey changes through the years and how it becomes such a new and exciting experience every year. This year she was still in love with the slides but was going down by herself. She was also running this way and that. She had a load of fun! You can see the difference from last year's here.


  1. great pictures! it's funny to see the same place thru someone else's eyes. our girls did the same things. except mine went on the slides by way could one mama keep up w/ two crazy girls. although i did mostly stay w/ the little one...she was slower! lol.

  2. It was fun! Mickey went down a couple of times with Daddy and then learned that she could go down by herself and I lost count how many times she went down that slide.