Friday, October 2, 2009

Pony Ride

When I told you about the fair I neglected to tell you about the pony ride. Mickey loves horses, ponies and well just about any animal. Last year when we went to the fair, Mickey wanted to ride a pony but was a little cautious and had to work up her courage to actually get on the pony. Since then she has gone for a ride on "Camy the horse", our friend's Sharon's horse. And also the name of her stick horse that she goes riding on frequently at the house.

This year well she has had a couple of horse/pony rides under her belt and there was no caution. She saw the pony and knew that she was going to ride. She did quite well. The first ride she started off by herself and then needed her daddy to walk beside her. But the second time when it was just momma and Mickey, she went on her own and was waving proudly by the end. I think that she wants to be a cowgirl.




See is jumping for joy and pure excitement.
Nothing can be that!

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