Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Festival

I wasn't sure how Mickey would do at the whole dress up thing. Last year she would have nothing to do with it but this year she LOVED it. We also watched a couple of her kid shows that showed her how people like to dress up and pretend. And she was all for it. Jeff was able to make it to the Fall Festival. He had knee surgery on Wednesday and walking is not the easiest things to do. I know that it was difficult for him to get up and walk the parking lot of the festival but I think that he was happy to have those memories of Mickey.

10 months

1 years 10 months

2 years 10 months
(notice the Cinderella costume in the background)

3 years 10 months
A Fairy Princess Costume





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  1. YES, it was worth the effort to see my daughter have a blast!! Daddy