Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom

We have been really busy on our vacation. I think the thing that I have liked the best is that we are all together, enjoying something new for the first time together. My little girl is on sensory overload experiencing so many new things, meeting new characters, and being a little terrified at times.


Yes, terrified. I have learned that we keep things pretty simple at my house. When we watch a movie, Momma will fast forward the scary parts. So life is always fun and simple. When you attend a live show at one of these parks, even of a movie that she knows ALL THE SONGS TO, you can't fast forward the show. And you can't get up and leave either. So even though the shows are larger than life they are not working for us. It is just too frightening for our little one. We went to a "movie" with Donald Duck which is 3D and that freaked her out! Poor Donald Duck when she met him yesterday (after the movie experience the day before) she was so out of sorts with the bird that she was afraid he was going to reach out and get her. She eventually warmed up to him when she realized he was a nice guy who was a forest ranger and and took care of the animals. And as a side note Mickey hid her eyes through most of the Lion King show and just wanted to leave. But this morning is singing all of the Lion King songs that she heard yesterday. Hmmm... what does a mom to do?

Let's see what did she love? LOTS! She liked the teacups, dumbo ride, It's a small world, the Safari adventure and the bird show. Oh and we can't forget meeting all the fun characters. Let me tell you sometimes she likes some more than others. Some of them can be pretty big which I think that can be overwhelming when you are the size of a little almost 4 year old.

Here are a few pictures that I can share before we get home.... Hope you enjoy!





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