Friday, December 18, 2009

Photos of Characters

I am beginning to go through all the photos of our trip to Disney. I look back on the trip and know that we had a blast. Every day Mickey has a new favorite memory. Yesterday we took these pictures plus a few others and put them in a photo album for her. She was absolutely in love with it. She loves looking at photo albums so this was just great for her. So don't be surprised when you visit with Mickey that she will sit you down and share her experience with you. When you look at the video remember to look for the one with Mulan. Remember she had a break down right before we met her and she declared that she was her favorite princess. I don't think that it shows. Do you??


  1. great pictures! perfect song!!!

  2. Those pictures are amazing - Mickey melted my heart in so many - she is a beautiful little girl growing up really fast! Becs

  3. Thank you Dayna and Becs!

    We had a wonderful time and Mickey melted my heart also.