Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Posing for Pictures

One thing that I am learning is that Mickey does not pose well for photos. She is beautiful and photogenic but posing for pictures is not really her thing. She loves to interact with all the characters that she is meeting (well most of them) but posing for pictures well I think that at times she could do without. But this is Disney and her chance to pose with all the characters. So we are doing it. Though I think that sometimes her faces in these pictures make me laugh. At times we are too close to the bigger characters such as Goofy and her eyes are on them to make sure they don't get her. Other times she looks like she is not enjoying herself at all. Today she had a meltdown right before we met Mulan. Mulan asked her who her favorite princess was and Mickey's answer is "You are" in the most pathetic voice ever imagined. The picture looks like we are forcing her to meet her favorite princess.

I have to admit and it is probably one of the reasons why I hate having my picture taken is that I do not pose well for pictures. I have these weird faces that I am seeing because at times I am taking all these character pictures with Mickey because she needs me there to meet her characters. So I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree, now does it.


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