Monday, December 7, 2009


We went to Sea World yesterday. It was a very good but exhausting day. As I write this Mickey has been asleep for 12 hours. This is unheard of but she gave it all yesterday. She watched the shows with awe and wonder. Amazing to see this through the eyes of my own child, I can say there is nothing better. When asked what her favorite part of the day was she immediately said the penguins. But I can tell you she liked the dolphins, Clyde and Seymore and watching Elmo celebrate Christmas also. She is at the perfect age to experience all of this.

I will post pictures once we get though the week and I have a chance to go through them. But I wanted to share some memorable quotes from my dear child.

At the dolphin show they also had birds and some people flying in the air. One of them was dressed up like a bird. Towards the end of the show Mickey leans over to me and tells me "Momma that isn't really a bird it is just a human dressed up." Good to know that was a human up there. ;)

Then last night when I was laying down with her while she was falling asleep. She tells me "Momma I want to meet Mickey Mouse and take a picture with him. I also want to go up on stage." My daughter is already dreaming about the ways she entertain the masses. Silly girl. So today we are off to take a picture with Mickey Mouse.


  1. I am SO lovin' this picture and can't wait to see more! Thank you for letting your friends know that you guys got there safely and are having a great time. Mikaylin will have SO much to tell Liv when y'all get back!

  2. Sea World is the BEST!!! We went to the one in San Diego last summer and our little ones absolutely loved it! Krysten calls Shamu "moo".

  3. Sarah, Mickey is going to have lots and lots to tell Liv when we get back. Let me know how your trip goes this week.

    Dayna, We loved Sea World too! Great memories!