Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Won!!!!

I am so excited. I never win anything. So when I got the message that I won something it made my day. I was having a rough day. Who knows why other than I am tired, have a sick preschooler and I am pregnant. So this was definitely a highlight in my day.

I have been trying to decide what to do about the whole school thing with Mickey. So I have been reading a very cool blog called Homeschool Creations. And what I love is that she has a section on preschool ideas. We are loving the Alphabet Book and I am not as anxious about the whole teaching at home that I once was. I still have lots of questions but am enjoying our time.

Anyway, she had a giveaway that you posted a comment and you were entered. Never in a million years did I think that I would win. But I am so glad that I did. So soon we will have our very own counting bears, to add to our preschool day. I am excited and can't wait for them to get here so Mickey and I can get to using them.

So a great big thank you goes out to Jolanthe
for making my day a better day. I greatly appreciate it!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



I can make a lot of different things in my kitchen. I can make pancakes, eggs, bacon and even pour a mean bowl of cereal for breakfast foods. I can do lots of things for dinner and lunch. I can even make bread from scratch and make a cheesecake. All of this to say that I can cook. But that does not mean I am a waffle maker. They are the thorn in my side.

I am usually okay with this because I have a great waffle maker in my home. Jeff is great at it. I even gave him a new waffle maker for his birthday this year (at his request). So I really find that there is no need for me to make waffles.

Then yesterday came. For lunch, Mickey requested waffles. Me, not being the waffle maker decided to put it off for dinner. I mean what is better for dinner than breakfast, right? I knew that Jeff would be home by then and would help and to be honest would take over the waffle making duties. Perfect plan. And then he called to say he would be running late. Due to circumstances out of his control he would most likely make it home right before bedtime for Mickey.

So I took a huge breathe and decided to go ahead with the planned dinner (or breakfast). I knew that if I could follow those simple directions on the box that I could make the waffles. I had seen Jeff do it a million times. So really how hard could it be???


I mixed up the batter. Warmed up his new nifty waffle maker. That beeps when it is ready for the batter, beeps when the waffle is cooked. I was in good shape. Or so I thought. First beep, put the batter in. Second beep take the waffle out. But wait a minute. It is all stuck to the waffle maker. I forgot to spray it.

Okay, got the waffle off and got it cleaned and sprayed it and made my second waffle. Success!!!

Got Mickey eating and enjoying her waffle.

Put the second waffle in. I don't remember Jeff spraying it other than the first time. So I didn't.

Guess what?? It stuck... again. And I had to clean it, AGAIN!

I sprayed it again and made an other waffle.

I had to make more batter because I had messed up so much. And they would cook as long as I remember to spray the waffle iron. But getting the off that thing was another story. They would fall apart when I took them off. In short it was a nightmare. I had thoughts that I would be sent to the show "Worst Cooks in America" for my lack of waffle making abilities.

I finally sat down and ate a waffle and some bacon. My side of eggs was scratched due to how long it took me to make waffles. It was a disaster and I declared when hubby came home, I am NEVER making waffles again. And my hubby laughed and smiled. I do appreciate his waffle making abilities.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GPS for baby lion?

When we went on our trip to Disney we were prepared for the worst. We got safety tattoos for Mickey that had our phone number on them and we rented a GPS locator for Mickey. She loved her GPS and called her IPatch. Not sure exactly how she came up with the name but she did.

Every day Mickey and I go on the hunt to find baby lion. During these times I wonder how easy my life would be if he had a GPS on him. I then could go to my my computer and find him in the map of our house. I have spent countless hours looking for him or Jack and Jill or whatever stuffed animal has her affections that week. Then I think that maybe one of those key finders that you see on those tv infomercials where you clap your hands and it beeps for you to find your keys. Now this would be helpful in the middle of the night when Mickey has lost Baby Lion in her bed. Now just so you have a mental picture of Baby Lion he has next to no stuffing in him, has a color that would choke him if he could actually breathe and is often flat as a pancake. Now finding him when you are woken up from a dead sleep by a distraught 4 year old in a messy bed is often next to impossible. Not impossible because mom always finds it but it feels impossible.

Mickey participates in the search and hunt for the "Baby Lion" but it really isn't helpful. Her idea of looking is running into a room and turning her head here and there and declaring "I have looked everywhere and I can't find him". Then she comes to me and proclaims "I have lost him forever and ever." What ever shall she do?? I have her keep looking knowing that she will most likely not find it and I will have to find it but I don't let her give up. But I grow weary of looking. How much could I get done in a day if I could NOT look for the missing lion??? I will never know... and thankfully we have him for bedtime tonight. :)

Just found a picture of baby lion.... isn't he cute??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baseball Anyone??

On one of Daddy's business trips, Daddy picked up a princess baseball and bat. For awhile they would play inside the house. However, we have a small living room and well, things were in danger of being broken because Mickey was a pretty good hit.

So this past weekend, Mickey convinced her daddy that they should go play baseball. I have to say that I don't think that daddy needed to much convincing to go and play ball with his girl. I was going to take the opportunity to stay inside and take a nap. I then heard lots of laughter and giggles that the need to get up and get my camera overpowered the need to take a nap. I am so glad I did. It was fun to watch them play baseball.

It took Mickey a little bit to get the hang of it but once she learned to watch the ball she hit it. She has such a natural ability with sports. This so unlike her momma. I would most likely be closing my eyes and getting hit by the ball. But not my girl, she is intense and enjoying her time with her daddy.

And I have told you what a great teacher her daddy is? He is amazing. I am in awe when I hear him or watch him teach something new to this little girl. Mickey is a tricky one, because she has it in her head that she must get it perfect. So this will stop her from getting sometimes. But Jeff has a way of overcoming that and teaching her in a way that she gets it. This day he was teaching her how to hit the ball and later he taught her how to swing on a swing. Both were things that I could not do. (I can hit a baseball sometimes and I can swing, but can't teach it!). Mickey is getting the hang of both things, slowly. I am so thankful for his strengths and abilities when it comes to raising our daughter.






Monday, January 18, 2010

Momma & Mickey

My mom brought a sweater from when I was a little girl. I was looking through pictures the other day and found a picture of me wearing it and I was about Mickey's age. So I took out the camera and put Mickey in the sweater and took a few pics. Thought I would share. Enjoy :)


She wanted to look away from the camera like Momma




Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hungry Hippos


My mom came today and brought a game that my brother used to play when he was a kid, "Hungry Hungry Hippos". I have to say that this was a huge hit! Mickey had a blast. Although she renamed the game to "Hippo Fighter's".




Tuesday, January 5, 2010


A present that we got for Mickey arrived today. Mickey was excited that 2 big boxes were delivered to our door even though she didn't know who it was for or what it was. She just likes to have packages.

I decided that after a bath and some time picking up the toys that she had out that we would open up the package. I knew who they were for and what was in them. :)

She was so excited once she saw the directions for her new easel!

I decided that we should go ahead and put it together. It didn't seem that difficult (and I love putting things like this together). I wasn't feeling the greatest the last couple of days have been draining and not real sure why. I figured that if I put forth the effort she would have something new and exciting to occupy the rest of her day. I wasn't wrong. :)

Drawing on the dry erase board

Painting and having a blast!

Proud of her masterpiece!

Arabian Nights

Still trying to catch up on our vacation photos.

This night we went to "Arabian Nights", which was a dinner show. I loved it. It was sort of a step back in time sort of thing. We arrived early because Jeff had managed to get us a VIP pass. Which was great because we got to go into the arena early and "meet" the horses. Which if you know Mickey at all was a big deal.

This was our host

This picture makes me laugh because Mickey has her ears on from her day at Disney

Mickey was so excited to be able to sit on a horse.
She loved it! And didn't stop talking the whole time she was on the horse.

I just thought this one was a beauty

Now the next 3 pictures I am sharing not because I think that they are great pictures but because the guy makes me laugh. I think he thought I was taking pictures of him, not the horse or my child. I would snap in hopes that he wouldn't try to pose for the camera. :)




So after we were done meeting the horses we went to our seat and waited for our dinner. I really liked mine. Now it might be because I am pregnant and things just hit me different. But I LOVED the salad dressing. But I am getting sidetracked and somehow suddenly craving salad with the yummy salad dressing in my fridge.

Moving on....

Mickey was okay with the show UNTIL they turned off the lights and fog began entering the arena. That she did not like. She associated the fog with the scary Tiki Tiki room we had seen the night before. I have a feeling that we will have problems with fake fog for a while but thankfully we don't see it in our day to day life.




They did horse tricks and told a story about an Arabian princess waiting for her prince to come back from the war during Christmas time. I enjoyed myself and thankful for the experience.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Days in the desert

I don't remember having this much snow the whole time we have lived here (going on 5 years). So far we have had 3 snow days and I have to say that Mickey is delighted to have an opportunity to play in the snow. The first couple of times there was not much snow to talk about but the last time there was enough for her to have a good ol' time.

As you can tell from the first two we did not have a lot of snow but we made do.
The first time Daddy had to get the snow off the shed
and get enough snow to make little a little snowman.

She had to make a mommy, daddy and Mickey snowmen

Chasing Sierra with a snowball... she is having a blast!


Not sure that Sierra is having as much fun as Mickey

See much more snow that the first pictures.



all ready to go back inside and
drink some hot cocoa to warm up.

Mickey's New Dress

Mickey got this pretty dress for Christmas. The funny thing is that Daddy had picked up the blue tights sometime in the fall and I saved them. So when we opened this gift from her Grammie we knew just what she would wear with it, her pretty blue tights.

She is looking so grown up. Is there a way to stop time???



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mickey ate a Tamale

I can hardly believe it but my picky eater actually ate a Tamale the other day. When we made tamales with my family they made a few kid friendly ones. So we had some tamales for dinner and we gave Mickey a kid friendly version (which doesn't have chili in it) and we asked her to take one bite. She did and she enjoyed it.

She is becoming a little more willing to try new things, as long as they don't smell funny to her. Those smells will turn her off to the best food but because she is sensitive to smells there is just no getting her to come within 10 feet of the smell. If I have eaten something that she doesn't like the smell to there is often the request for me to "brush your teeth mommy". Oh what a girl.

So I am proud of my little girl as she tried and liked something far out of her comfort zone. :0)

tamale girl