Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arabian Nights

Still trying to catch up on our vacation photos.

This night we went to "Arabian Nights", which was a dinner show. I loved it. It was sort of a step back in time sort of thing. We arrived early because Jeff had managed to get us a VIP pass. Which was great because we got to go into the arena early and "meet" the horses. Which if you know Mickey at all was a big deal.

This was our host

This picture makes me laugh because Mickey has her ears on from her day at Disney

Mickey was so excited to be able to sit on a horse.
She loved it! And didn't stop talking the whole time she was on the horse.

I just thought this one was a beauty

Now the next 3 pictures I am sharing not because I think that they are great pictures but because the guy makes me laugh. I think he thought I was taking pictures of him, not the horse or my child. I would snap in hopes that he wouldn't try to pose for the camera. :)




So after we were done meeting the horses we went to our seat and waited for our dinner. I really liked mine. Now it might be because I am pregnant and things just hit me different. But I LOVED the salad dressing. But I am getting sidetracked and somehow suddenly craving salad with the yummy salad dressing in my fridge.

Moving on....

Mickey was okay with the show UNTIL they turned off the lights and fog began entering the arena. That she did not like. She associated the fog with the scary Tiki Tiki room we had seen the night before. I have a feeling that we will have problems with fake fog for a while but thankfully we don't see it in our day to day life.




They did horse tricks and told a story about an Arabian princess waiting for her prince to come back from the war during Christmas time. I enjoyed myself and thankful for the experience.

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