Tuesday, January 5, 2010


A present that we got for Mickey arrived today. Mickey was excited that 2 big boxes were delivered to our door even though she didn't know who it was for or what it was. She just likes to have packages.

I decided that after a bath and some time picking up the toys that she had out that we would open up the package. I knew who they were for and what was in them. :)

She was so excited once she saw the directions for her new easel!

I decided that we should go ahead and put it together. It didn't seem that difficult (and I love putting things like this together). I wasn't feeling the greatest the last couple of days have been draining and not real sure why. I figured that if I put forth the effort she would have something new and exciting to occupy the rest of her day. I wasn't wrong. :)

Drawing on the dry erase board

Painting and having a blast!

Proud of her masterpiece!

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  1. Look at Mik's focus! I love her intensity and smiles! Becs