Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GPS for baby lion?

When we went on our trip to Disney we were prepared for the worst. We got safety tattoos for Mickey that had our phone number on them and we rented a GPS locator for Mickey. She loved her GPS and called her IPatch. Not sure exactly how she came up with the name but she did.

Every day Mickey and I go on the hunt to find baby lion. During these times I wonder how easy my life would be if he had a GPS on him. I then could go to my my computer and find him in the map of our house. I have spent countless hours looking for him or Jack and Jill or whatever stuffed animal has her affections that week. Then I think that maybe one of those key finders that you see on those tv infomercials where you clap your hands and it beeps for you to find your keys. Now this would be helpful in the middle of the night when Mickey has lost Baby Lion in her bed. Now just so you have a mental picture of Baby Lion he has next to no stuffing in him, has a color that would choke him if he could actually breathe and is often flat as a pancake. Now finding him when you are woken up from a dead sleep by a distraught 4 year old in a messy bed is often next to impossible. Not impossible because mom always finds it but it feels impossible.

Mickey participates in the search and hunt for the "Baby Lion" but it really isn't helpful. Her idea of looking is running into a room and turning her head here and there and declaring "I have looked everywhere and I can't find him". Then she comes to me and proclaims "I have lost him forever and ever." What ever shall she do?? I have her keep looking knowing that she will most likely not find it and I will have to find it but I don't let her give up. But I grow weary of looking. How much could I get done in a day if I could NOT look for the missing lion??? I will never know... and thankfully we have him for bedtime tonight. :)

Just found a picture of baby lion.... isn't he cute??


  1. I have had the same thought. Just last night I was searching all over for Julia's bunny. I can't tell you how many time we have done that.

  2. I thought she had a white dog.

    Each of my kids are blanket kids. They have to take them everywhere!

  3. Dayna -- she has her beloved Sparky who we have an actual dog collar on in case we leave him somewhere. But this lion is a close 2nd and has become important to her and has to care for him because he is just a baby and she is his mommy. But I don't think anyone will replace Sparky (her brown dog). :)