Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mickey ate a Tamale

I can hardly believe it but my picky eater actually ate a Tamale the other day. When we made tamales with my family they made a few kid friendly ones. So we had some tamales for dinner and we gave Mickey a kid friendly version (which doesn't have chili in it) and we asked her to take one bite. She did and she enjoyed it.

She is becoming a little more willing to try new things, as long as they don't smell funny to her. Those smells will turn her off to the best food but because she is sensitive to smells there is just no getting her to come within 10 feet of the smell. If I have eaten something that she doesn't like the smell to there is often the request for me to "brush your teeth mommy". Oh what a girl.

So I am proud of my little girl as she tried and liked something far out of her comfort zone. :0)

tamale girl


  1. she looks so grown up in this picture - guess it is the long hair

  2. Every time I look at her she looks more and more grown up. Can we stop time??