Tuesday, January 26, 2010



I can make a lot of different things in my kitchen. I can make pancakes, eggs, bacon and even pour a mean bowl of cereal for breakfast foods. I can do lots of things for dinner and lunch. I can even make bread from scratch and make a cheesecake. All of this to say that I can cook. But that does not mean I am a waffle maker. They are the thorn in my side.

I am usually okay with this because I have a great waffle maker in my home. Jeff is great at it. I even gave him a new waffle maker for his birthday this year (at his request). So I really find that there is no need for me to make waffles.

Then yesterday came. For lunch, Mickey requested waffles. Me, not being the waffle maker decided to put it off for dinner. I mean what is better for dinner than breakfast, right? I knew that Jeff would be home by then and would help and to be honest would take over the waffle making duties. Perfect plan. And then he called to say he would be running late. Due to circumstances out of his control he would most likely make it home right before bedtime for Mickey.

So I took a huge breathe and decided to go ahead with the planned dinner (or breakfast). I knew that if I could follow those simple directions on the box that I could make the waffles. I had seen Jeff do it a million times. So really how hard could it be???


I mixed up the batter. Warmed up his new nifty waffle maker. That beeps when it is ready for the batter, beeps when the waffle is cooked. I was in good shape. Or so I thought. First beep, put the batter in. Second beep take the waffle out. But wait a minute. It is all stuck to the waffle maker. I forgot to spray it.

Okay, got the waffle off and got it cleaned and sprayed it and made my second waffle. Success!!!

Got Mickey eating and enjoying her waffle.

Put the second waffle in. I don't remember Jeff spraying it other than the first time. So I didn't.

Guess what?? It stuck... again. And I had to clean it, AGAIN!

I sprayed it again and made an other waffle.

I had to make more batter because I had messed up so much. And they would cook as long as I remember to spray the waffle iron. But getting the off that thing was another story. They would fall apart when I took them off. In short it was a nightmare. I had thoughts that I would be sent to the show "Worst Cooks in America" for my lack of waffle making abilities.

I finally sat down and ate a waffle and some bacon. My side of eggs was scratched due to how long it took me to make waffles. It was a disaster and I declared when hubby came home, I am NEVER making waffles again. And my hubby laughed and smiled. I do appreciate his waffle making abilities.

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  1. If it's any consolation, I stink at making waffles too. :)

    p.s. you need to email me! :)