Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Croup

My Sick little Mickey

Last Tuesday we woke up with every intention on Mickey going to preschool. That idea quickly changed when Mickey started to tell me that she had to throw up. In Mickey speak that means that she has some drainage and spitting out the drainage. I was concerned but thought she was okay. I then felt her little body and realized it was warm. After some discussion Mickey was convinced that preschool was not a good choice for the day. I fully expected her to get to feeling better and all would go on as normal.

Then on Wednesday we woke up and she had a fever and she was coughing. I knew that this was something more than a cold. Wednesday night we did not sleep well at all. So Thursday morning we called the doctor and got an appointment for early that morning. I am so thankful for our doctor dedicating the morning times to sick appointments and that we can call and get in to see her right away. Thursday was rough for Mickey. She just wanted to lay in bed and getting her dressed to get her to the doctor was a challenge.

So we get to the doctor's office and are waiting for her to come in and see Mickey. Mickey was leaning on me as I read her a book that we found at the doctors office. When the doctor appeared and took one look at her and knew that this little girl just wasn't feeling well. Mickey even had tears running out of her eyes. After checking her out we found out that Mickey had croup but thankfully she didn't have anything else going on. That was a blessing. Mickey got a shot to help her breathe better. Oh my that was painful. I had to explain to a little four year old that the shot was a good thing. I explained that she was getting the shot so she did not have to taste some yucky medicine. That helped. Mickey's biggest concern going to the doctor's office was that she was going to get yucky medicine. For those that don't know Mickey tastes are a big challenge for her. It is almost torture for her and getting her to take something that tastes awful is a task! As I am sure it is for most kids her age however, my little girl will stress about it the moment we pick up the prescription from the pharmacy.

When we got home Mickey and she went straight to bed. This is highly unusual for her as she thinks naps are one of the worst things ever. So when she was asleep by the time I went to check on her I just knew this little girl was hurting.

Friday, she seemed better. However, it was just a little reprieve. Saturday she was feeling worse again, and she was sprawled out on the couch most of the day. That is when either her daddy or momma was not holding her. But Sunday and on she is improving. We have had most nights that she has been up coughing and that makes nights long and momma's tired. Thankfully last night we got some good sleep. I am so thankful for that.

She is getting better but she still has the seal like cough. But today we were fever free which was a relief. Hoping for a better night.


  1. The croup is awful. Mine had it when one was 4 months and the other was 2 years. (at the same time while we were on vacation) The steroid shot worked wonders for kylee, but krysten just suffered thru (i don't think hers was as bad becuz we were in florida- where it's humid so it helped). poor little baby.

    keep an eye out...kylee ended up with pneumonia less than 2 weeks later.

  2. Thanks for the heads up with pneumonia. I agree croup is the worst. She had it last year. Hoping it doesn't become a yearly thing. :(

  3. As sad as it is to see her sick like that, that is the cutest picture!