Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Lovely 4's


I think that the theme of this year is "repeat, repeat, repeat". It seems as no matter what things are being repeated and repeated and repeated.

When I tell my sweet girl something it is like the ears are turned off. I have even wondered if it has something to do with the current ear infection she is dealing with (yes, we are sick, AGAIN). I then tell myself that it can't be and it has to be the new phase we are in. Sometimes it is like I am talking to myself when I ask her to put things away, or if she wants something, or anything it is like I am not even in the room. Then something happens and she looks at me and is "huh?"

Then there is her repeating things. She will ask me the same question over and over again even though I have already answered the question moments before. My, oh my. I am hoping that this quickly passes because I am growing tired of it fast!

She is getting more and more into pretend play. This I love. She has taken out those toys that I bought a while ago and is finding new uses for them. It is fun to see the imagination blooming. She makes me laugh in her play. Most of her toys that she plays with are small, like "little people" small. But for Christmas she got two Barbie like dolls one is "Sleeping Beauty" and the other "Jasmine" from Disney. These she has affectionately named "My Giants".

The best part of 4 is the random and out of the blue declarations of love. "I love you so much momma!" Now who can not like that!!

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