Monday, February 8, 2010

Mickey's 4th Year in Review

I finally got her montage done for her 4th year. It is amazing to see how much she has grown up in the last year. The songs chosen for this year were songs that she has sang constantly. "Malti" by Dan Zanes is one that we have sung in the car driving. I wish that I knew what they were singing about but we enjoy the song. And this year would not be complete without some songs from "The Lion King". I chose "I can't wait to be King" and "Hukuna Matata". The last song is also from Dan Zanes which is "Smile, smile, smile" which I think pretty much sums up my little girl. She is such a happy child and always has a smile on her face (well, mostly). Hope you enjoy. I know that it is really long, so I understand if you don't watch the whole thing. But I order the video every year and well, you just can't make a short one. ;)


  1. I am going to view this video over time - it seems so long ago that you were creating and stressing over that birthday cake! Becs

  2. These photos capture so much that is constant about Mickey - her love for her daddy and mama, for life, for animals, for pretend play, and for rides. I love that photo at 3:58 of you and Mickey, Angela. Thank you for sharing. xoxox