Monday, March 29, 2010

Dance and Gym Class

Mickey has been in a dance & gym class since August. She has really enjoyed tap dancing and also proved herself to be very good at gymnastics. It is fun to see her have fun and be intense as she is learning new skills. We are taking a bit of break and will be looking for a class that will offer her more in the fall. Most likely it will be a class focused on just dance or gym.... or two classes that she can attend that will be one of each. I am just not sure which direction to go. I am not going back to the same place. It is a great concept and if the teaching was adequate would be great but I feel like there are more children in the class that needs to be. So I wasn't to pleased with the program, I think that Mickey had a blast and will look forward to when she can go back and learn some more.

Here are few snap shots...

Toe Tap






hanging out


  1. Cutie!! Where is the class? Would love to get Madi in a class too