Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandma Chole's Bread

Mickey has been sick, AGAIN. She is tired of being sick as well as momma is. This week it has been stomach junk. Thankfully Grammie Syl came to help out which helps out this momma. As I am not feeling well at all either. Mickey loves her Grammie Syl time which is so nice.

Yesterday, we got out the ingredients to make Grandma Chole's bread. Now this bread is a cross between a biscuit and a cookie. But in my family it is a favorite. Both Grammie Syl and Mickey like to be in the kitchen so this was a good activity for them both. I got to take a few pictures of the process and it was fun and a great tasting outcome.

Apparently Mickey decided that prayer is how we should start off with. :)

Mixing Sugar and lard
First you put in some Crisco and Sugar and beat it together.

baking powder
Then you put in the baking powder

Dough before the flour

Then you put in the flour

After the flour you put in a "tea" mixture made of anise and cinnamon sticks

working the dough
Working the dough

Painting the dough with egg

Putting cinnamon sugar on them

Finished product

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