Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Hunt

On Saturday we went to our annual Easter egg "Hunt", I think that it should be Easter Egg gather since the kids don't really need to hunt for the eggs. Mickey loves it and we had fun again this year. A local church hosts the Egg Hunt for the community and they sent us an invitation every year. I am impressed how this church finds ways to welcome the community into their church in a very nonthreatening way.

Here are some pics from the morning. The lady that was doing the countdown to start time said "5 minutes till start time". The man next to us said "And 6 minutes until it is over". He was so close to being accurate. I think that the hunt lasted a whole 45 seconds. But I can tell you the kids had a blast!

Get Set
And so the hunt begins!

Picking up Eggs
Her favorite color is yellow, so she went after the yellow eggs

Her Find
Showing off one of her eggs

Eating a candy
Eating a candy from the eggs

Spring Bunny
Taking a picture with the Spring Bunny

After this we headed off to a local park and checked out what they were doing. There was not a lot going on. So she played a game or two and then found some "friends" at the playground where she played for awhile. This was a good time for momma to sit down and rest a bit. Walking is not high on my list of favorite things to do right now. Oh the joys of being a pregnant momma! :)

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