Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Old Photos

I started a new digital editing class from Jessica Sprague. I just love her. I am only on day 2 so I have a lot to learn, but I figured I would show you what I have learned today and look forward to what I learn in the next 2 weeks. This class is to teach you how to restore those old photos. I am going to learn other skills but figured I post as I learn.

This first photo is from my dad's side of the family. I think that it is a great-great-great grandparents, maybe another great is needed to be in there, but I am not completely sure.

William Edgar,Rebecca Ann(Bessie B.)Pennington copy

This next one is of my great-grandmother (Grandma Chole) my grandmother, my mom and me. 4 generations. I just love and treasure this photo. I am sure that I will different techniques to use on a photo from the 70's as opposed to one in the 1800's. But gave it a go anyways.

4 Generations copy

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