Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sand Man

One of my favorite pictures of Mickey when she was a newborn is the "surrender to Mr. Sandman" photos. Thankfully, we were able to get a similiar shot of Nate. I think that they are both cuties. :)

Mikaylin Sand Man

Nathaniel Sand Man

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pool Fun

We set up the summer pool outside today. Mickey was having a blast and is a natural water bug. I think that she would spend all her waking time in the water if I would let her. Nate enjoyed some time outside as well today but he decided to take to be lazy outside in the sun rather than enjoy the water. I think that it will be different next summer but right now we are enjoying some cuddle time.



IMG_5129 copy

IMG_5118 copy


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Joys of Life

Mickey taking care of her baby doll

IMG_5080 copy
Falling in love with this cuteness

He is so sweet


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When Mickey was a baby she needed to be held a lot. Not a lot as in the normal baby needs to be held and loved and comforted, but as in she would not sleep unless I was holding her during the day and had to be close during the night. I did not know all the different things back then that would have made my life easier. Near the end of my time when I had to hold Mickey nonstop I learned about babywearing and the different slings, wraps and other things that would help make mom's life easier. So when I was pregnant with Nate, I knew what I would be buying.

I researched and found a sling that I thought would work for me. I bought it here at and I am still learning how to use it. Thankfully, so far Nate is a much better sleeper but he still has his moments where he just wants to be cuddled. I mean what baby doesn't want to be cuddled? I mean that is one of the perks for being a cuddly newborn, right?

I am still getting used to the sling wrap that I bought and due to my learning curve, Nate is not always so fond of being in it. I am hoping that with more exposure on both of our parts that we will be using it more and that we both benefit from it. Now if anyone has any pointers on how to use it, I am all ears and am open to anything that you can help me with.


P.S. Got a shower yesterday and I am out of my pajamas today! Yahoo!! Now if I could just figure out how to eat lunch. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Life with two little ones has been an adjustment for all involved including momma! My mom called today and asked me what I had done today. I told her that I had not managed to get out of my pajamas today, but I did managed to feed two kids and keep them alive today. Now that is what I call an accomplishment. ;) For dinner I managed to feed Daddy, Mickey and Momma sandwiches. I am not sure why I am exhausted but I can say that I am.

Here are some pictures that I can share about life in our home. Hope you have a great day!

Mickey joining Nate for some fun time!

Favorite Pass time Naptime!

Mickey the proud big sister!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Bringing home baby brother Nate has been an adjustment for our family. We have completely fallen in love with our little guy. Big sister Mickey has fallen head over heals in love with her baby brother. That does not mean that life for her has been an easy adjustment. She loves him but has been going through an emotional roller coaster trying to make sense of her feelings. She loves him on one had and has jealousy (which I am sure can't define) of her brother.

These are difficult for any child to go through but my Mickey is also dealing with the added pressure of being a "High Spirited" kid. The one thing that I have learned about her personality is that she is simply "MORE". So her emotions right now are just "more". More sensitive and more emotional. She misses that undivided time that her momma had just for her and now it is spent taking care of a baby, who she loves. She will tell me... "Momma, put baby brother in his crib" then with a pause "FOREVER".

Then there are the times when she goes out to run errands with her daddy, that she makes sure to tell me what feels like a million times "Momma, you will take care of MY BABY, while I am gone?" She wants reassurance that her baby will be taken care of.

She is helping in all the daily care of Baby brother which helps greatly, because she is involved. She has come up with jobs to help and sometimes it is very exhausting for me we just go with the flow.

Nate is such an easy going little guy. He rarely cries and when he does it cannot compare to what Mickey used to do when she was that little. He does make sure that he is heard but he is not that loud. The cries usually come if he is uncomfortable such as after a bath when he is cold, or his mean momma has used the booger getter in his nose (which he hates). But once he is comfortable again, the crying stops.

Most times when I have Nate cuddle in one arm on me in my big comfy chair, I have Mickey in the other arm. We are one big happy family. They both get cuddle time and I have no arms or hands left. :)

I love my life, even if I could use a little extra sleep. ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Week Old

On Saturday, Jeff and I decided to try to give our hand at taking some newborn pictures. I think that we got a few "keepers" in the bunch. I even got a few to make into a birth announcement. The only thing is that I am sleep deprived, even though I got a really good sleeper in Nate. I made the announcement but realized after talking with Jeff that I put the wrong date on it. I put May 7th even though the little guy was actually born on May 8th. You would think of all the things that I would know what day my child was born.

Today, I am looking forward to hanging out with my best friend Bev. We haven't had some good girl time in a long while, so I am looking forward in catching up. I have known her since high school (which was a really long time ago). She is able to spend a few days here so I am very excited!!

Here are few pics from our picture taking day. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_4994 copy


Thursday, May 13, 2010


As any parent of a newborn will tell you that the nights are long and there is little sleep to be had. Our house is not the exception. What I am wondering though, is how can that be so? Newborns sleep on average 16 hours a day. At least that is what the television said when I was at my last OB appointment.

My little guy is a sleeper. The first few days of life I am I think that I only saw his eyes once because they were closed so much due to the sleep he was getting. I have taken a few naps during the day and been up at night when he is awake a little bit. But seriously this kid isn't difficult to get to sleep, he truly enjoys every moment of dreamland. Mickey was so different. She would sleep but getting her to sleep was always a challenge (still is).

I don't know how I am so tired and he is so rested. But I am enjoying this newborn stage where he is so cuddly and peaceful. I am truly blessed.



Father's Day "Baby" brings home a Mother's Day Baby

When I last left you, I was headed to the hospital to have my beautiful baby boy. I wasn't sure if we had a name yet but knew that it was time to bring this little one into the world.

I went into the hospital at 8 pm on Friday evening. I liked my nurse Heather who would stay with me through the night. I was given a drug, that I cannot remember the name of but know that they use it for Ulcer patients and they use the drug to help induce pregnant ladies because the "side effects" creates contractions. Fun, huh? I was supposed to take one of these little pills every 4 hours so that my body would be ready for the pitocin in morning. I was also given some ambien to help me sleep. I was told by the nurse that I could have the baby in the middle of the night due to the contractions but that was unlikely. I didn't sleep at all with the ambien and I was having contractions but really did not feel them. I started taking the doses of meds at 10 pm so my next dose should have been 2 am but because my body was having contractions they let me go until 4 when the drug wore off. By that time I had some pain meds and was able to sleep. At 5 I let Jeff know he should come to the hospital and he was there before 6 am.

About 7 or so my contractions started getting more painful. And by 8 my body had completely taken over with labor and contractions. I never got the 3rd dose of the "side effect" drug and no pitocin for me. I was in "active labor sometime after 8 am. The pain was getting unbearable and I did not know how everything would go. I was wishing and hoping for more powerful drugs. :) At 9 am I was feeling great pain and the need to push. Apparently I let out a scream and my doctor who just happened to be there (thank the Lord for bringing her) heard me and was in the room in no time and was able to "catch" the baby.

So our son came into the world fast. So fast that he was born in his sac. And they broke the water as he was coming into the world. Crazy little fella.

I was born on Father's day and made a joke to my mom that it would be ironic if I had this little one on Mother's day. Well, I didn't have him on Mother's day but I brought him home on Mother's day. So it still fits. :)

So now for the information that you want....

Nathaniel Allen
7lbs 10 oz
19 1/2 inches




Nate FB2


Friday, May 7, 2010

Eventful Week

This has been a crazy week. I had my "weekly" appointment for this baby. Which means I am 37 weeks this week. My blood pressure was high and other things were troubling. So I had to do some lab work and an ultrasound today.

Then yesterday was Mickey's 4 year (and 5 months) well child appointment. She is doing well and is a healthy child. She is 95% for height and 10% for weight. Which means this girl cannot afford to lose weight. But in the last few weeks she has decided that since she is 4 now that she can try new foods. So she is eating more. Maybe she will sneak up to 11% huh?? Then at the end of the appointment we had the dreaded shots. Boy it was awful. She screamed and her little ears got super red! She made friends with the nurse before she left the office. Then we headed to Baskin Robbins for a treat. :)


Then today I went for my follow up appointment at my OB's office. And as of 8 tonight I am headed to the hospital and will be induced. So soon we will see my little baby boy. Hopefully we will come up with a name soon. :) So next time I post I will let you know about the new addition to our family.

Monday, May 3, 2010


IMG_4625 copy

Depending on what day you put in as my due date it seems as if I have just 21 more days to go, you know give or take a few days. The whole pregnancy we have been telling Mickey that the baby is due in May. Now that it is May she is so anxious and can't wait to meet her baby brother. It is fun to see her excitement. I wish that I had the same amount of zeal, but the arthritis, the lack of being able to breath and walk and sleep, I am just looking to the finish line and hope that the excitement will come then. We still need to come to an agreement on a name. Maybe we will just have to see the little guy to know for sure what the name should be.


This weekend we decided to take a few belly pictures. Wow!!! I am huge! No wonder I am so tired. :)

IMG_4620 copy
asking the baby to come out soon

IMG_4632 copy
What are you doing in there baby??

IMG_4646 copy
Then we got one of Jeff and Mickey

IMG_4644 copy
One of just Mickey