Sunday, May 23, 2010


Bringing home baby brother Nate has been an adjustment for our family. We have completely fallen in love with our little guy. Big sister Mickey has fallen head over heals in love with her baby brother. That does not mean that life for her has been an easy adjustment. She loves him but has been going through an emotional roller coaster trying to make sense of her feelings. She loves him on one had and has jealousy (which I am sure can't define) of her brother.

These are difficult for any child to go through but my Mickey is also dealing with the added pressure of being a "High Spirited" kid. The one thing that I have learned about her personality is that she is simply "MORE". So her emotions right now are just "more". More sensitive and more emotional. She misses that undivided time that her momma had just for her and now it is spent taking care of a baby, who she loves. She will tell me... "Momma, put baby brother in his crib" then with a pause "FOREVER".

Then there are the times when she goes out to run errands with her daddy, that she makes sure to tell me what feels like a million times "Momma, you will take care of MY BABY, while I am gone?" She wants reassurance that her baby will be taken care of.

She is helping in all the daily care of Baby brother which helps greatly, because she is involved. She has come up with jobs to help and sometimes it is very exhausting for me we just go with the flow.

Nate is such an easy going little guy. He rarely cries and when he does it cannot compare to what Mickey used to do when she was that little. He does make sure that he is heard but he is not that loud. The cries usually come if he is uncomfortable such as after a bath when he is cold, or his mean momma has used the booger getter in his nose (which he hates). But once he is comfortable again, the crying stops.

Most times when I have Nate cuddle in one arm on me in my big comfy chair, I have Mickey in the other arm. We are one big happy family. They both get cuddle time and I have no arms or hands left. :)

I love my life, even if I could use a little extra sleep. ;)

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