Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When Mickey was a baby she needed to be held a lot. Not a lot as in the normal baby needs to be held and loved and comforted, but as in she would not sleep unless I was holding her during the day and had to be close during the night. I did not know all the different things back then that would have made my life easier. Near the end of my time when I had to hold Mickey nonstop I learned about babywearing and the different slings, wraps and other things that would help make mom's life easier. So when I was pregnant with Nate, I knew what I would be buying.

I researched and found a sling that I thought would work for me. I bought it here at and I am still learning how to use it. Thankfully, so far Nate is a much better sleeper but he still has his moments where he just wants to be cuddled. I mean what baby doesn't want to be cuddled? I mean that is one of the perks for being a cuddly newborn, right?

I am still getting used to the sling wrap that I bought and due to my learning curve, Nate is not always so fond of being in it. I am hoping that with more exposure on both of our parts that we will be using it more and that we both benefit from it. Now if anyone has any pointers on how to use it, I am all ears and am open to anything that you can help me with.


P.S. Got a shower yesterday and I am out of my pajamas today! Yahoo!! Now if I could just figure out how to eat lunch. :)


  1. I too have been having to wear Camden. He doesn't like to be put down which makes it hard to get things done around the house!! My daughter wasn't like that at all; heck I didn't even really know what a sling was back in 02!

    I hope you can get some helpful hints on that sling as I don't have that one. I purchased the moby sling and have only used one position so far(newborn hold).

  2. I bought a sling this time around too! We're also trying to figure it out and I'm trying to feel comfortable in it (afraid she is going to fall out!).

    Amazing how different two kids can be, huh? Will would never have needed a sling - but Anna will only let me put her in her swing for brief periods of time.

    It's all a phase, right?