Friday, May 7, 2010

Eventful Week

This has been a crazy week. I had my "weekly" appointment for this baby. Which means I am 37 weeks this week. My blood pressure was high and other things were troubling. So I had to do some lab work and an ultrasound today.

Then yesterday was Mickey's 4 year (and 5 months) well child appointment. She is doing well and is a healthy child. She is 95% for height and 10% for weight. Which means this girl cannot afford to lose weight. But in the last few weeks she has decided that since she is 4 now that she can try new foods. So she is eating more. Maybe she will sneak up to 11% huh?? Then at the end of the appointment we had the dreaded shots. Boy it was awful. She screamed and her little ears got super red! She made friends with the nurse before she left the office. Then we headed to Baskin Robbins for a treat. :)


Then today I went for my follow up appointment at my OB's office. And as of 8 tonight I am headed to the hospital and will be induced. So soon we will see my little baby boy. Hopefully we will come up with a name soon. :) So next time I post I will let you know about the new addition to our family.


  1. Praying all goes well. Best of luck. Can't wait to "meet" your little guy. EXCITING.

  2. Good luck!!!!! Can't wait to meet your little man!

  3. Best wishes for a healthy and quick delivery! I had to be induced after high bp with fun. Maybe it will go better for you:)

  4. A little late - so CONGRATULATIONS! Becs