Thursday, May 13, 2010

Father's Day "Baby" brings home a Mother's Day Baby

When I last left you, I was headed to the hospital to have my beautiful baby boy. I wasn't sure if we had a name yet but knew that it was time to bring this little one into the world.

I went into the hospital at 8 pm on Friday evening. I liked my nurse Heather who would stay with me through the night. I was given a drug, that I cannot remember the name of but know that they use it for Ulcer patients and they use the drug to help induce pregnant ladies because the "side effects" creates contractions. Fun, huh? I was supposed to take one of these little pills every 4 hours so that my body would be ready for the pitocin in morning. I was also given some ambien to help me sleep. I was told by the nurse that I could have the baby in the middle of the night due to the contractions but that was unlikely. I didn't sleep at all with the ambien and I was having contractions but really did not feel them. I started taking the doses of meds at 10 pm so my next dose should have been 2 am but because my body was having contractions they let me go until 4 when the drug wore off. By that time I had some pain meds and was able to sleep. At 5 I let Jeff know he should come to the hospital and he was there before 6 am.

About 7 or so my contractions started getting more painful. And by 8 my body had completely taken over with labor and contractions. I never got the 3rd dose of the "side effect" drug and no pitocin for me. I was in "active labor sometime after 8 am. The pain was getting unbearable and I did not know how everything would go. I was wishing and hoping for more powerful drugs. :) At 9 am I was feeling great pain and the need to push. Apparently I let out a scream and my doctor who just happened to be there (thank the Lord for bringing her) heard me and was in the room in no time and was able to "catch" the baby.

So our son came into the world fast. So fast that he was born in his sac. And they broke the water as he was coming into the world. Crazy little fella.

I was born on Father's day and made a joke to my mom that it would be ironic if I had this little one on Mother's day. Well, I didn't have him on Mother's day but I brought him home on Mother's day. So it still fits. :)

So now for the information that you want....

Nathaniel Allen
7lbs 10 oz
19 1/2 inches




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  1. Wow that was fast! So happy to hear that all went well and he is a healthy baby boy! Congratulations!