Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Week Old

On Saturday, Jeff and I decided to try to give our hand at taking some newborn pictures. I think that we got a few "keepers" in the bunch. I even got a few to make into a birth announcement. The only thing is that I am sleep deprived, even though I got a really good sleeper in Nate. I made the announcement but realized after talking with Jeff that I put the wrong date on it. I put May 7th even though the little guy was actually born on May 8th. You would think of all the things that I would know what day my child was born.

Today, I am looking forward to hanging out with my best friend Bev. We haven't had some good girl time in a long while, so I am looking forward in catching up. I have known her since high school (which was a really long time ago). She is able to spend a few days here so I am very excited!!

Here are few pics from our picture taking day. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_4994 copy


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  1. Oh Angela, he is beautiful. And Mik lokes like such a proud big sister! I hope you are all doing well.