Monday, May 3, 2010


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Depending on what day you put in as my due date it seems as if I have just 21 more days to go, you know give or take a few days. The whole pregnancy we have been telling Mickey that the baby is due in May. Now that it is May she is so anxious and can't wait to meet her baby brother. It is fun to see her excitement. I wish that I had the same amount of zeal, but the arthritis, the lack of being able to breath and walk and sleep, I am just looking to the finish line and hope that the excitement will come then. We still need to come to an agreement on a name. Maybe we will just have to see the little guy to know for sure what the name should be.


This weekend we decided to take a few belly pictures. Wow!!! I am huge! No wonder I am so tired. :)

IMG_4620 copy
asking the baby to come out soon

IMG_4632 copy
What are you doing in there baby??

IMG_4646 copy
Then we got one of Jeff and Mickey

IMG_4644 copy
One of just Mickey

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