Thursday, May 13, 2010


As any parent of a newborn will tell you that the nights are long and there is little sleep to be had. Our house is not the exception. What I am wondering though, is how can that be so? Newborns sleep on average 16 hours a day. At least that is what the television said when I was at my last OB appointment.

My little guy is a sleeper. The first few days of life I am I think that I only saw his eyes once because they were closed so much due to the sleep he was getting. I have taken a few naps during the day and been up at night when he is awake a little bit. But seriously this kid isn't difficult to get to sleep, he truly enjoys every moment of dreamland. Mickey was so different. She would sleep but getting her to sleep was always a challenge (still is).

I don't know how I am so tired and he is so rested. But I am enjoying this newborn stage where he is so cuddly and peaceful. I am truly blessed.



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