Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I had a wonderful day with the best family, MINE! My dear hubby took over kid duty (like he does when he is home) and let me sleep in. How wonderful is that?? Even more wonderful when you realize that there is never a day when I am a morning person. So when I get any extra sleep in the morning it is the greatest gift ever!

Mickey and Daddy picked up my cake today from a local bakery. YUM!

bday cake

This was a marble cake and Mickey thought that they were going to put a marble on top. We put candles on it and Mickey helped me blow out the candles, because you know that she is the best candle blower outer that there is.

We ate at Olive Garden which was yummy. They just opened in my town and I am very happy about that. This is actually my second time to go since my dear friend, Sarah, took me there on Saturday. We had some kid free, adult girl time. But today was my family and it was so nice. Mickey introduced herself to everyone.

We came home and I opened up my gifts a GPS and popcorn maker. Now I can eat popcorn that I don't burn on the stove... and I won't get lost when I am taking the kids to whatever activity we go on. Yay! Mickey also gave me a treasure. She wrote her name on a birthday card that she picked out. Now that is a treasure.

All in all my day was great. It was low key but really, that is just what I wanted and needed at this time in my life. What better way to spend your day than with your hubby and your two kiddos? I can't think of anything. I mean just look at these two cuties and spending my birthday with them being a family is the greatest gift ever. I am truly blessed with my life.




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  1. Happy Birthday Angela! You sure do have two cuties!